The Staff

Our School

Principal: Mrs. B. Farrimond

Assistant Principals :
Mr. D. Coyle
Mr. M. McCaughan

Senior Leadership Team:
Ms. A. Fleming ( Curriculum - Quality Assurance Manager)
Mr. J. McCormick(Timetabler- Sims Manager)
Mr. C. Mc Crossan (SENCO)

Heads of Department and staff

Base Teachers :
Mr D. Bell
Mrs. C. Coyle
Ms. B. McDonald
Mr. C. McCrossan

Creative and Expressive Art:
Mrs. J. Caffrey (Art)
Miss K. McArdle (Moving Image Arts)
Mr J. McCormick (Photography/Moving Image Arts)
Mr. C. Quinn (Music)

Mr. M. Morris (HOD)
Mrs. C. Coyle
Mrs C. Gallagher
Miss K.McArdle
Mrs L. Rice
Mr. R. Thompson

Ms A. Fleming (HOD)
Mr. P. Gault
Ms. B. McDonald
Mr. C Toal

Mr. C Toal (HOD)
Mr N. Banks
Mr. R. Thompson

Miss E. McCully (HOD)
Mrs B.Farrimond
Mrs L. Rice

Mr. D. Coyle (HOD)
Mr. C. Mervyn
Miss C. Gatt

Mr. J. McCormick (HOD)
Mrs C. Gallagher
Miss E. McCully
Mr M. Vallely

Mr. P. Gault (HOD)
Mr. N. Banks

Mr. C. Hamilton (HOD)
Mr D. Bell
Ms T. Maguire
Mr. P McKeever

PE/Sports Studies:
Mr. C. Smyth (HOD)
Mr. T. O’Neill

Mrs. H. McNamara (HOD)
Mr. N. Banks
Mr. M. McCaughan
Ms. B. McDonald

Ms M. McCarron (HOD)
Mr. B. Armstrong
Mrs. T. McCombe
Mr R. McCloskey
Mr. C. McCrossan

Home Economics
Mrs. T. McCombe (HOD)
Mrs C. Gallagher

Mr. M. Delaney (HOD)
Miss C. Gatt

Mr M.Vallely

Health and Social Care
Mr. M. McCaughan
Mrs. H. McNamara

Travel and Tourism
Miss E. McCully
Mr M. Vallely

Mr. L. Watson 

Humanities A Level Subjects
Mr N. Banks
Mr. P. Gault
Ms A. Fleming
Mr C. Toal
Mr L. Watson

Heads of Year:
Year 8: Ms B. McDonald
Year 9 & 10: Mr. N. Banks
Year 11 & 12: Mr. B. Armstrong
Post 16: Mr. L. Watson

Examinations Officer: Mr. C. Mervyn

Intake Officer: Ms. B. McDonald

Literacy Development: Mr. R. Thompson

Numeracy Development: Mrs. T. Maguire

PR Team: Mr. L. Watson

SENCO: Mr. C McCrossan

Timetabler: Mr. J. McCormick

Pastoral Support Teacher : Mr N. Banks

Teaching Assistants:

Ms S. Norling
Ms R. Kerr
Mrs. G. Murray
Mr B. Turner
Mrs R. O’Brien
Miss M. Wisniewska
Mr P. Nugent
Mr L . McGoldrick
Mrs G. McCormick
Ms. A. McAuley
Ms. K. Gough
Mr C. Browning
Mrs R. Maxwell
Mrs M. Magerr


Caretaker: Mr. E. Muir

ICT Technician: Mr. M. Killen

Technology Technician: Mr. P. Johnston

Home Economics Technician: Mr G. Deery

Science Technician: Mrs R. O’Brien

Librarian: Mrs L. Walker

Study Superviser ; Mr B. Rooney

Ms A Kerr
Mrs. C. McGowan
Ms T. Dodds

Mrs. C. McGowan

First-Aider: Mrs L. Walker & Mr. C. Smyth


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