Religious Education

Through out their time at CBS our pupils are encouraged, by the example of Blessed Edmund Rice, to play an active role in their local and the global community. As a school community we are concerned with the development of the whole pupil and as such we have an excellent pastoral system, including bereavement support to help each pupil achieve their full potential. From first year the pupils are involved in fund raising activities for Marie Curie, St. Vincent de Paul Christmas hampers, Children's Hospice, Trocaire and Christian Brothers projects in Africa and our sister school in India. Spiritual development begins with the First year celebration of Mass and continues throughout the liturgical year with access to the sacraments and whole school celebrations of liturgy and assemblies.


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All pupils take RE to GCSE level and we currently have eighteen 6th year pupils studying RE at A level. An A' level in Religious studies is a formal qualification that will help a student gain access to a wide variety of Arts, Law, Social Science and Business courses at university or college. A' level Religious Studies in itself is a valuable qualification. It offers students the opportunity to acquire the skills of evaluation and constructive analysis, which are prerequisites for many professions and walks of life in the modern world. It also allows students an opportunity to deepen their own knowledge and understanding of their own Catholic faith.

As a school since September we have raised £ 7200 for a variety of different charities. This, I'm sure you will agree, is a fantastic sum especially when you consider that we have a school population of only 750 boys.
• Marie Curie cancer care £1200
• Trocaire Global gifts £500
• Tsunami Boat appeal £2000
• Lent £3500

Our collections carry on throughout the year and we would be delighted to hear from you if you have any fundraising ideas. We would also like to take this opportunity to thank you for your help and kindness with regards to our India trip of 2004. Without the support of our local community, companies and individuals who came forward to help, our project would not have been possible. Our work in this area is ongoing and we look forward to working along with you in the near future. On our trip we came across a message in Mother Teresa's home for the sick and dying in Mumbai (formerly Bombay ) written by her many years ago.
“You might think that what you do is but a drop in the ocean but you must know that what you do makes that ocean smaller.”
What you have done and what you continue to do makes a huge difference thousands of miles from here.

A party of Year 12 students will travel to India for a 2-week visit in February accompanied by two teachers from the school. This will be our third visit and during our time in India we will are based in Regina Mundi Christian Brothers' School in Goa . The students will meet and share with pupils from Regina Mundi of their own age. They will learn about the culture, language, sports, diet, etc, of this area of India and will be expected to provide similar information about life in Belfast and Ireland generally.
During the two weeks, our students will have an opportunity to visit and perhaps stay in the homes of some of the Indian students they will have met. They will also link with two outreach programmes from the school in Goa . The first project has been organised to provide education to street children and child workers in street markets, the second project was set up by one of the Indian priests to help children with learning difficulties. As a school we have been sponsoring these projects for the past 5 years and continue to do so.
If you would like more information about our links with India/any other projects or alternatively if you would like to make a donation or help in any way please do not hesitate to contact me.

As you are no doubt aware we have a pastoral system within the school which aims to provide support for all our pupils. As a further development of our pastoral system the school has initiated a bereavement/loss support service-Rainbows. This service initially operated within Year 8 but has developed to include Year 9 and Year 10.
Research and our experience has shown that bereavement and other feelings of loss can have a direct impact on learning, behaviour and relationships both within the school and home environment. To address these issues we have a programme in place with fully trained teachers. Those who avail of this service will participate in a twelve-week course consisting of 1 hour per week, during school time, in a small (max. 5) group environment supported by their peers.
In line with school policy parents will be involved throughout the process and pupils may only avail of this service with the consent of their parents. If you have any further queries please do not hesitate to contact me.


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