Principals Welcome

Welcome to our new school website.

It is with great pleasure that I welcome you to our new school website.

In this introduction I use the word ‘Our’ instead of ‘I’ or ‘we’ because I think it conveys the community aspect of life at CBS that is central to our ethos.

This is a School planning for the future.

Our fresh menu of courses in Year 11 and Year 12 will offer pupils more GCSEs and Skills based awards than ever before.

Our innovative Post -16 Programmes of Study allows pupils to work within a range of educational pathways, including: A-levels, Applied A-Levels, and an Enrichment Programme, which will better prepare them for the world of life and work.

Our year 8 transition Base-Class project ensures that all 1st year students feel welcome and supported.

Our student support system ensures that ALL pupils have the opportunity to build upon their successes and therefore reach their full potential.

Our improved Examination Results places us in the higher quartile of similar schools.

Partnerships with Further & Higher Education providers, training organisations, and the business sector ensure that pupils are given a variety of experiences, which will aid them in their career choice.

Our involvement in local community enables students to affect changes in their own life and their own area whilst our parents’ Support Programmes helps parents and carers take a more pro-active role in their child’s development.

Our school has and will continue to change to reflect the new demands being made on our pupils as leaders, workers, and parents.

All of the changes that we have initiated are complemented by a hardworking and dedicated team of teachers that gives your children the all important “value added” element that often goes unseen in the educational system. Each teacher takes their responsibility for your child’s development beyond the limits of classroom.

Our expectations are high and so we ask for the best.

You can be proud of a CBS staff that dedicates their time, commitment and expertise to each and every pupil so that YOU can be proud of your child's achievements.

The changes that are occurring in the education system, at present, are many and varied but which, when they come to fruition, will benefit all of our children. As parents you need to become aware of what these changes are and how they will affect you and our child’s future.

Our future and the future of all our children will depend on a challenge to an ‘old mindset’ of schools, principals and parents who believe in an old fashioned two-tiered system of education.

At CBS we support the value of 'social justice' embedded in our Edmund Rice ethos and so embrace this return to equality in education:

“The seed will grow … “ as Edmund Rice once said.

But We as a community must help it develop and flourish, otherwise we will have failed Our future.

Mr Tom Armstrong (Principal)


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