Learning for Life and Work encompasses three study areas:

  1. Persona Development
  2. Local and Global Citizenship
  3. Education for Employability


The main objectives of the Learning for Life and Work Department are to:

    • Prepare pupils for the challenges of adult life
    • Prepare independent, informed and compassionate citizens
    • Encourage active participation in the life of our community
    • Enhance pupils learning experiences through interesting and active lessons

The Learning for Life and Work Department Programmes:

  1. All pupils in CBS study LLW from years 8 to 10.
  2. Most pupils choose to continue to study LLW for GCSE with great success.
  3. After GCSE study, many students choose to study A Level Sociology within the Department in our Sixth Form.

Areas of Study:
Pupils study a variety of different topics in LLW including:

Personal Development

Citizenship Education

Ed. for Employability

Health & Drugs Ed.

What is democracy?

Key Skills

Healthy Eating

The NI Assembly

How to start a business

Managing Relationships

Human Rights

What career for me?

The Learning for Life and Work Department Staff:
Mr Paul Gault (HOD)                   
Mr Colin Toal                                
Miss A M Nolan
Miss Emma McCully
Mr Niall Banks



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