The School Library

The school library, which is located in the main yard, has several different functions. Firstly, it is used as a quiet place where classes, accompanied by their teachers, come for periods of reading. During these times pupils can borrow books to take home to read. It is also used by pupils and teachers for research and information purposes. For example if a class is doing an educational project the library can provide the necessary information as our books and reference material cover most subjects. Information can also be obtained via the internet.

The library also provides a place for quiet study for some our year 13 and 14 pupils. Pupils can also use the library facilities after school to do their homework or to browse amongst the books. They also can also borrow books at this time. Assistance when doing homework is always available so never never be afraid to ask for help.

The library is also designated as a 'safe place' within th school and during break and lunch time certain pupils are permitted to use the library where they are supervised by myself or Ms. R. Kerr. The school library has a happy cheerful atmosphere where everyone is made welcome.


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