It is our intention to provide pupils with opportunities to learn about their Irish language, culture and heritage. These opportunities will be afforded to pupils irrespective of ability level, and emphasis will be placed on enjoyment and participation. This will encourage pupils to use their language in every-day life, giving them a sense of ownership of their language and culture. This is key to their overall development enabling them to contribute effectively to the society in which they live.

All pupils will study Irish during Years 8, 9 and 10. During that time they will study the following topics;

Year 8: Greetings; Classroom Equipment; Colours; Classroom Commands; Numbers 1-100; Weather; Emotions; Days, Months and Seasons; Family; Describing people; Clock; House & Furniture.

Year 9: Descriptions; The Past Tense; Daily Diary; House; Rooms; Furniture; Selling Houses; Shopping; Goods; Money; School Life; Food; Meals & Employment.

Year 10: Shopping; Money; Present Tense; Hobbies; Sports; School Life; Public Services; House; Future Tense; Area & Environment & Health.

At the end of Year 10 pupils can choose to continue to do Irish at GCSE, where they will study the following topics;

Year 11& Year 12: Self, Family & Friends; Home Life and Daily Routine; Hobbies and & Interests; School; Health; Weather; Town and Countryside; The Environment; Getting Around; Accommodation; Public Services; Shopping; On Holiday; Part Time Jobs/ Work-experience; Continuing Education & Careers.

Every year pupils will have the opportunity to attend their choice of Irish colleges in the Gaeltacht district of North-Western Donegal. Currently the majority of pupils attend Loch an Iúir and Machaire Rabhartaigh Colleges . This is a very enjoyable time for pupils, staying with an Irish speaking family along with pupils from other schools. The informal atmosphere means the pupils enjoy learning their language and culture and often don't want to return home. Pupils who attend the Gaeltacht Colleges usually perform very well at GCSE level.

Pupils are encouraged to word process pieces of homework to add to their I.T. portfolio. This may involve short letters or extended pieces of writing. Through the use of online collaboration, pupils are able to view teachers' comments and re-draft work if necessary.


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