Home Economics 

Home Economics is one strand of Learning for Life and Work.
There are three areas of study within the programme at Key Stage 3

1.  Healthy Eating – Nutrition, healthy food choices, the consequences of poor food choices, how to prevent food poisoning, how religion affects what we eat and food packaging and labelling.
2.  Home and Family Life - Types of family groups, family life and needs of family members.
3.  Independent Living – Shopping - what influences choice, paying for goods, your rights as a consumer.

Many skills are developed, in particular the practical skills involved in planning, preparing, cooking and serving food.
The pupils have various opportunities to enter competitions both local and island wide.

Yr 11 + 12
The pupils study Catering and Hospitality principles BTEC Level 2.  This is examined online over 2 years.  This gives the pupils an in depth knowledge of the catering and hospitality industry.



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