All the programmes in History Key Stage 3 and Key Stage 4 are based around some key concepts:
• An Irish Dimension
• A European Dimension
• The Use of ICT
• The Development of Key Skills (team work, communication and presentation)

Year 8
The Norman Conquest of Britain and Ireland.
This introduction to history at CBS is a big favourite with all our pupils as it centres around one of Europe's most important and influential battles, The Battle of Hastings. Using internet games, powerpoint presentations and core texts the pupils explore a world of knights, castles and conquest in both Ireland and Britain.
Year 9
The Reformation and its consequences in England and Ireland
The second year of study at CBS focuses on the rivalry and conflict which tore Europe apart in the 17th Century. Pupils have the opportunity to develop an understanding of religious divisions and their consequences here in Ireland in their first term. In the second and third terms the subject content switches to a focus on the British system of Government and the reasons for and the consequences of the conflict between the King and parliament. At CBS we have also piloted a new school based module for some pupils which aims to develop core skills for pupils including communication, presentation, ICT and team work. The theme of this module is “me and my local history”. This project includes a study of the area through visits, interviews with local representatives and internet work.
Year 10
World War One and its consequences on Britain and Ireland
Again this programme divides into two core areas of study with World war one as a central theme. In their first term pupils will focus on the impact of world war one on Europe. Pupils are taught about life in the trenches using a wide range of teaching methods including course work, field trips and school talks. The second part of this year is equally interesting to our pupils as it focuses on key events in Ireland including the “Easter rising” and the “War of independence”.


The History department at CBS currently follow the AQA syllabus at GCSE. This course offers a wide range of subject areas for study from “the hunger strikes” to the collapse of the USSR. Pupils find the course enjoyable, challenging and stimulating. The department has forged links with QUB and other external bodies and we organise departmental field trips with such agencies as part of the overall teaching experience for GCSE pupils.
Year 11 The rise of the Nazis 1919–1939
• Great Britain and WW1
• Coursework: The changing role and status of women in Britain since 1900.
Year 12 The Cold War 1945–1989

• The USA 1919–1941
• Coursework: Conflict in Ireland

At CBS we follow the CCEA A’ level programme for both these courses. Our pupils have proven to be very successful in these disciplines and over the years these subjects have provided a sound platform for those wishing to move into third level education or to go straight into the world of work. Both courses are divided into two separate examinations over a two year period. In the first year candidates sit an AS examination which can be used as a stand alone qualification or as part of an overall A’ level should the pupil wish to continue their second year of study at A2 level. The courses provide the pupil with a wealth of transferable skills including research, analysis, team work, presentation and communication. Pupils from CBS who have successfully completed these courses now work as barristers, lawyers, TV presenters, TV producers, politicians, teachers and journalists.

History A'level
Year one AS level • The Nazis and Germany 1919–1945 • Fascism and Italy 1918–1943 • Revolutionary change in Russia 1917–1941 Year two A2 level • The causes of the second world war 1918–1941 • The clash of ideologies in Europe 1900–2000 • The partition of Ireland 1900–1925




The Upper Sixth History  A level class celebrate exam success !

Munich School Trip 2012
Click here for a reoprt from history student Daniel Donnan

Click here to view a copy of Nelson Mandela's speech "An idea for wh

ich i am prepared to die"

Berlin Trip 2014
 A few pictures from our recent History trip to Berlin



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