The Geography department is at the hub of study within the school. Our department embraces the sciences as well as the study of the human condition. The sciences are those of meterology (studying weather and climate), and those of the earth (what causes volcanoes and earthquakes). Our study of the human condition examines how the sciences impact on where and how people live.

YEAR 9 students in the first term are involved in a project concerning extreme weather. We have provided a link to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration of the U.S.A. who produce marvellous information about hurricanes, tornadoes and other forms of extreme weather conditions.
YEAR 10 students are examining the causes of volcanoes and earthquakes and how these effect humans. We have provided a few examples of a volcano in Montserrat, an island off the east coast of U.S.A., an earthquake zone in Turkey called Anatolian Fault and the San Andreas Fault in California U.S.A.

YEAR 12 students will have access to the internet to follow-up enquiries relevant to their coursework. There is a general tourist map of the island of Ireland which shows the main form of communications into and within Ireland. Other maps will focus on the Kingdom of Down and the North Antrim area. Web sites of the main tourist authorities for each area are also given.


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