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Miss K McArdle
Miss C Armstrong
Mrs A. Devlin


At CBS, we help our pupils acquire knowledge and skills relevant to Drama and experience and enjoy Drama texts, theatre and school productions we strive to encourage attitudes of tolerance, flexibility and perseverance and to create a safe environment where self-assessment and appraisal by the individual or the group becomes desirable. We hope that pupils develop enthusiasm, imagination and initiative, that they will display characteristics of honesty and sincerity and will recognise and value self-reliance along with personal and group responsibility. In Drama we try to create situations and experiences through which pupils will benefit from the enjoyment of the subject and from the learning experience.

Drama is taught once a week in the Year 8 by Miss K McArdle and Miss C Armstrong who have produced our own schemes and resources for developing pupils’ skills and monitoring their progress and learning.
At CBS, we celebrate the individuality of each student and simultaneously encourage them to work together collaboratively and co-operating to showcase each other's skills and talents. We present every child with the opportunity to be an artist.

You'll really enjoy creating sketches and plays and performing in them, as well as learning more about all aspects of Drama.

You will also be able to visit the theatre in Belfast on a regular basis and perhaps travel to London to see exciting new productions


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