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Christian Brothers' School, or C.B.S. as it is commonly known, is a school located on the Glen Road area of west Belfast, Northern Ireland, was founded in the late 1950s by the Christian Brothers, a religious order founded by Edmund Ignatius Rice in the early 1800s. The main purpose of the school was to provide mainstream education to underprivileged children in West Belfast


Educating the children of Belfast has always been the school's main aim, however, before 2004 the school could only provide 5 years of secondary education. This was a result of the school's structure as it could not hold more than 750 pupils. The maximum time that a pupil could spend in the school was up to Year 12 (5th year). While in 5th year, the pupils would complete their GCSEs and await their results. After each pupil had received their GCSE results, they would then have to go in search of another school (secondary or grammar) that would accommodate their need for further education in the form of AS- Levels and A-Levels.

In 2004 however, under the direction of Gerry Scannell (former Vice principal and acting Principal until the arrival of Tom Armstrong), the option to stay at the school to study AS-levels and A-Levels was made available. The school was gradually changed to accommodate the  educational needs of post 16 students. Since 2004 th number of our post 16 students has risen every year.  In September 2010 the number of post 16 students currently stands at 199, 37 of which are female. 

Admission of female students

Since September 2007 female students have been  welcomed here in CBS and each year the number of applicants has been steadily growing.  


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